About Us

CORFIPACÍFICO, is a financial entity issued by the Panama Republic´s Laws, registered in the Public Registry of Corporations in Panama and in the Superintendency Of Banks (Banking Supervisor in Panama).

CORFIPACIFICO specializes in their activities in order to give credit for working capital for corporation overseas, becoming an excellent option regarding international credits.
Since 2011, CORFIPACÍFICO has been giving credit to corporations located in Colombia, with the aim of develop successfully commercial operations in Bogotá D.C. and Medellín (Second City in Colombia), which have an interesting profit.
Our Company only serves to corporations outside Panama and does not develop any activity in the local market.
Finally, our Company fulfills all the request of Panamanian regulation as a commercial firm and as a financial entity.


Our aim, give solutions regarding international credit for companies outside Panama, promptly and effective.


We aspire after known as a Panamanian private development finance Company, able to solve the credit needs to companies outside Panama.


We balance the interests and needs of clients, knowing we think and act in different way but with an only common goal.


We observe for for of do everything good, from the beginning to the end.


We put the best of any person in our organization, adding efforts and talents in order to grow up as persons and as Company.


We make our job transparently, wisely and loyally, to gain trust and credibility in our Company and for our clients.


We generate positive experiences with our clients assuming with passion and commitment our role and our responsibilities.